About Songea shop


we offer you exceptionally beautiful gold-plated, silver, gold, rhodium-plated jewelery with high-purity natural stones IF, VVS, SI, I.

These are diamonds, sapphires, garnet, emeralds, morganites, tanzanites, tourmalines, lemons, topazes, labradorites, moonstones, larimars, rubies, quartzes, natural pearls and many others from different parts of the world.

The stones are 100% natural, we made sure that the descriptions of the items take into account the parameters of the stones (their purity, size, shape and origin).

We guarantee safe shopping. We attach VAT invoice to the purchase.

It is possible to return or exchange purchased items.

On request, we can also attach a valuation of jewelry, but this involves additional waiting time for it and the cost associated with it depending on the value of the jewelry (waiting time up to 4 weeks).

If necessary, we advise on completing jewelry.

We add a gratis - surprise  to every order over PLN 1500 :)

We do not produce the offered jewelry. We import it from all over the world.

 The sizes of the rings are provided in the European standard (not in millimeters).


We encourage you visit our shop and thank you for your interest in our offer :)

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